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Steam Engine Janis Zalitis is what I call myself as an artist. My legal name is Janis Zalitis and I am a Swedish citizen born in Sweden. My parents were refugees who fled from Latvia when Soviet forces occupied the state in the end of Wold war two. I am living in Stockholm , Sweden and am now retired from my work. I've creatied and played music all my life, but never had my living on it. I had a normal job. Beetween 1969-1978 I was part of a Swedish/Latvian group called "Dundurs". We played rock/pop music and recorded 4 LP records on record company "Latvian music". 48 songs of which I had composed 13. They are still beeing played in Latvia and on Youtube. For more info see https://dundurs.zalitis.se/english.html.

So now on old days, I have started to make new music. I mostly create instrumental music on my DAW. I like to mix classical instruments with rock-instruments. Numera 70+. Men har spelat ända sen 60-talet och skrivit 13 komposition med den Svensk-Lettiska gruppen Dundurs. Gruppen spelade in 48 låtar på 4 LP-skivor mellan 1969-78. Börjat skriva igen på gamla dar. :-)

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